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Project PARI

10th July, 2024 Culture and Heritage

Project PARI

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  • The Ministry of Culture, Government of India, launched Project PARI during the 46th Session of the World Heritage Committee Meeting in New Delhi, scheduled from 21st to 31st July 2024.

READ ABOUT UNCESCO WORLD HERITAGE COMMITTEE IN DETAIL: https://www.iasgyan.in/daily-current-affairs/unesco-world-heritage-committee#:~:text=The%20Committee%20monitors%20the%20state,Heritage%20in%20Danger%20if%20necessary.

Project PARI: Details

  • Objective: This initiative aims to elevate Delhi's aesthetic appeal and cultural richness through the integration of public art, celebrating the city's historical legacy and cultural diversity.

Impact and Importance of Public Art

  • Cultural Significance: Project PARI serves as a vibrant showcase of India's cultural heritage, illustrating the intrinsic value of art in society and bridging traditional and contemporary artistic expressions.
  • Accessibility: By transforming public spaces into accessible art galleries, the initiative democratizes art, making cultural experiences available to a broader audience beyond traditional museum settings.

Themes and Inspirations

  • Sculptures and Installations: The artworks explore themes inspired by India's rich cultural tapestry, encompassing motifs from ancient texts like the Natyashastra, Gandhian philosophy, traditional toys, and elements of nature.
  • World Heritage Influence: Some artworks draw inspiration from UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India, integrating these cultural treasures into contemporary artistic interpretations.

Inclusivity and Women Empowerment

  • Participation: Women artists play a pivotal role in Project PARI, highlighting their contribution to India's artistic heritage and promoting gender inclusivity in the cultural sector.

Legacy and Community Engagement

  • Legacy: Project PARI aims to leave a lasting impact on Delhi's cultural landscape, fostering pride in local heritage and promoting cultural exchange among residents and visitors alike.
  • Community Engagement: By encouraging public interaction and dialogue through art, the initiative strengthens social cohesion and nurtures a shared cultural identity among Delhi's diverse population.


  • Project PARI represents a significant effort to enrich Delhi with the vibrancy and diversity of Indian art, creating a legacy of cultural enrichment and public engagement as the city prepares to host an international gathering focused on heritage preservation and cultural dialogue.


Q. Which ministry of the Government of India launched Project PARI?

A) Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

B) Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

C) Ministry of Culture

D) Ministry of Tourism

Answer: C) Ministry of Culture