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Nouka Baich

3rd July, 2024 Culture

Nouka Baich

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  • As the south-west monsoon approaches, Nouka Baich Boat Races are set to commence in various rural areas of West Bengal.

Nouka Baich (Nowka Bais):

  • Traditional dragon boat-style paddling sport of Bangladesh.
  • Also, held traditionally in districts of West Bengal in India such as Murshidabad, Nadia, and both North and South 24 Parganas.
  • While Kerala's boat races during Onam are nationally renowned for their scale and singular focus, Bengal's "nouka baich" is less widely recognized outside local communities.
  • Bengal stands out with its use of multiple traditional boat types — including Sorengi, Chhip, Kaile Bachhhari, Chande Bachhari, Chitoi, and Sorpi — showcasing a rich variety compared to Kerala's singular boat type tradition.


  • Boat racing in Bengal mirrors Southeast Asian cultural practices found in countries like China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bangladesh, reflecting a shared maritime heritage.
  • In essence, "nouka baich" in rural West Bengal encapsulates not just a sporting event but a vibrant cultural tradition, evolving with societal changes while preserving a rich legacy of Southeast Asian maritime heritage.


Q. What is "Nouka Baich, as referred to in cultural contexts?

A. A traditional boat race style popular in West Bengal during monsoon seasons.

B. A form of fishing technique practiced along the rivers of Bangladesh.

C. A type of traditional dance performed during harvest festivals in Assam.

D. A method of rice cultivation traditionally followed in Kerala.

Answer: A. A traditional boat race style popular in West Bengal during monsoon seasons.