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Malayali Tribes

29th December, 2020 Art & Culture

Context: Giant Rock Bee Honey, a Unique Variant of Honey Sourced From Malayali Tribes of Tamil Nadu Added to Tribes India Collection

  • More than 35 new, attractive, immunity-boosting tribal products have found a new home in Tribes India outlets and website in the 8th edition of “From Our Home to your Home”’ campaign.
  • Key among the products this week are the natural, fresh, organic produce from the Malayali tribes of Tamil Nadu, such as Giant Rock Bee Honey, honey, variants of millet rice, tamarind and black pepper.


  • Malayali is a tribal group from the Eastern Ghats in North Tamil Nadu.
  • With a population of around 3,58,000 people they are the largest Scheduled tribes in that region.
  • The tribals are usually hill farmers and they cultivate different types of millet.

Patelia tribe

  • Among the other products sourced include vibrant and eye-catching micro-beaded jewelry (mainly neckpieces) from the Patelia tribe from Madhya Pradesh.
  • While agriculture is their mainstay, their handiwork is exceptional too as can be gauged from the beautiful, colourful pieces made by the artisans of Jhabua.

Other products:

  • Other products include organic varieties of dals and spices locally sourced from the Vasava tribes of Gujarat and an assortment of produce – such as honey, jams and two unique variants of rice from the Kharwar and Oraon tribes of Jharkhand and some interesting wooden products (chakla and belan) and attractive metal jalis from the AdimJanjati tribes and Lohra tribes of Jharkhand.