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Kalibr missiles

28th June, 2024 Defence

Kalibr missiles

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  • As Ukraine prepares to receive F-16 fighters, Russian air strikes have intensified, targeting Ukrainian airfields to hinder operations.
  • On June 22, the Russian Black Sea Fleet attacked Vasilkov airfield near Kyiv with Kalibr cruise missiles, as shown in social media videos.




  • The Kalibr (SS-N-30A) cruise missile, a key component of Russia's arsenal
  • It is a Russian family of the ship-, submarine-, surface- and air-launched cruise missilesthat can engage hostile warships and land targets.
  • Developed by Russia's Almaz-Antey corporation, it forms part of the broader Kalibr missile family.

Technical Specifications

  • Length:2 meters
  • Payload: 450 kg warhead, capable of high explosive or potentially nuclear capabilities
  • Propulsion: Turbojet engine
  • Range: 200-2,500 kilometres based on its type
  • Status: Operational since 2015

Kalibr Missile Family

  • Variants: Includes SS-N-27 (Sizzler) anti-ship cruise missile and 91R anti-submarine missile, sharing common vertical launch system (VLS) tubes.
  • Capabilities:
  • Provides significant offensive capabilities across various naval platforms
  • It enhancing Russia's deterrence and strike capabilities against adversaries.

Operational History

  • Syria Deployment (2015): Russia demonstrated the Kalibr's effectiveness by launching 26 SS-N-30A missiles from Caspian Sea naval vessels against anti-Assad regime forces
  • Military Exercises: Used in conjunction with ground-based ICBMs and SLBMs in large-scale Russian military exercises
  • Submarine Variant: Deployed as the 3M-14K, demonstrating its adaptability and deployment from submarines to enhance strategic depth.

Strategic Significance

  • Deployment Strategy: Planned integration across new and retrofitted Russian naval vessels, including submarines, corvettes, and frigates, to bolster offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Export Variant: Shorter-range 3M-54T variant for international markets, demonstrating Russia's military export potential and technological advancements in missile technology.




Q.  Discuss the geopolitical implications of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and analyze its significance for India's strategic interests in the region.(10 Marks)(150 Words)