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Ghari on Chandi Padvo

2nd November, 2020 Art & Culture

Context: The Chandi Padvo festival, which falls a day after Sharad Poornima, is widely celebrated by Surtis, or the people native to Surat across the country and abroad, by consuming Ghari (Sweet) and Bhusu (namkeen) sitting in the open to celebrate the full moon.

What is Chandi Padvo?

  • On Chandi Padvo, tradition has it that people of Surat eat only sweetmeats that are white and hence doodh poha, kheer or ghari are made across households.
  • Ghari, a dish made of maida filled with mava, pistachios, almonds and sugar, and fried in ghee and then dipped in ghee to give it a white coat, is native to Surat and is most popular on this day.
  • Incidentally, the sweetmeat resembles the full moon.