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Fire dragon 480

24th June, 2024 Defence

Fire dragon 480

Source: Asiatimes

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  • The PLA's Fire Dragon 480 rockets, aided by low-precision satellite imagery and onboard sensors, sank a Ticonderoga-class cruiser despite defenses.
  • Using swarm warheads with drones to divert defenses and improve targeting increased effectiveness, leading to a near-zero survival rate for the cruisers in simulations.


Fire Dragon 480

  • The Fire Dragon 480 is a long-range rocket developed by China's Norinco Group.
  • It is designed primarily for export.
  • Adopted by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) in 2019, this tactical ballistic missile offers advanced capabilities and precision.

Design and Capabilities

Missile Specifications

  • Type: Tactical ballistic missile
  • Diameter: 750 mm
  • Precision Guidance: Equipped with sensors for accurate targeting of moving objects

Warhead and Impact

  • Warhead Weight: Over 400 kg
  • Impact Velocity: Exceeds 500 meters (1,640 feet) per second
  • Destructive Power: Capable of destroying a 10,000-ton cruiser with two hits

Launch Platform

  • Type: High-speed, wheeled platform
  • Environmental Resilience: Capable of operating in harsh conditions

Range and Operational Use

  • General Belief: 290 km (180 miles)
  • Research Suggestion: Practical range could exceed 500 km

Export Deals

  • Disclosed Agreement: $245 million deal with the United Arab Emirates.




Q.  Differentiate between ballistic and cruise missiles, highlighting their design, operational mechanisms, and strategic uses.(10 Marks)(150 Words)