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26th December, 2023 Economy


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Context: The Parliamentary Standing Committee's recommendations concerning the extension of the FAME-II Scheme and the broader encouragement of electric vehicle (EV) adoption seem quite comprehensive.

Key recommendations of the Parliamentary Standing Committee

FAME-II Scheme Extension

  • Suggests extending the FAME-II Scheme for at least three more years beyond the current deadline of March 31, 2024.
  • Recommends restoring subsidies on electric two-wheelers to maintain momentum in EV penetration.
  • Proposes broadening the scheme's scope, including private electric four-wheelers, with considerations based on vehicle cost and battery capacity.

Charging Infrastructure Incentives

  • Recommends incentivizing the installation of charging stations, including support for individual investors, women's self-help groups, and cooperative societies.
  • Suggests involving public sector undertakings and government institutions in installing charging stations on their premises.

Industry Support and Stability

  • Emphasizes the need for supportive government frameworks and dedicated manufacturing hubs for EV components to boost India's EV industry.
  • Stresses the importance of consistent and stable national policies to eliminate market uncertainties and create a conducive environment for the EV industry.

The committee's focus on not just incentivizing EV purchases but also expanding charging infrastructure and ensuring policy stability reflects a comprehensive approach toward fostering EV adoption in India.

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