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Erg Chech

8th September, 2023 Geography

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  • In May 2020, scientists uncovered unique rocks in the Sahara Desert with characteristic greenish crystals, which were classified as early Solar System remains.
  • These rocks are fragments of the Erg Chech 002 meteorite, which is the oldest volcanic rock yet discovered, going back roughly 4.56556 billion years.


  • Erg Chech 002 is classified as an "ungrouped achondrite," meaning it was formed from melted planetesimals, and its parent body is unknown.
  • The analysis discovered that Erg Chech 002 has a high concentration of lead-206 and lead-207, as well as undecayed uranium-238 and uranium-235.
  • Aluminum-26 was dispersed irregularly in the early Solar System, according to comparisons with other achondrites, particularly volcanic angrites.

Key Findings

  • The research centered on aluminum isotopes, namely aluminum-26, a radioactive isotope that decays over time and is critical for understanding the creation of the Solar System.
  • The disintegration of aluminum-26 was important in heating tiny rocks in the early Solar System, contributing to the formation of planets.
  • The researchers used aluminum-26 data with uranium and lead data to establish the distribution and absolute ages of aluminum-26.

More Information about Erg Chech

  • Erg Chech 002 - A detailed examination of the rocks containing peculiar greenish crystals revealed that they were from outer space, left over from the Solar System's birth.
  • They were all fragments of the Erg Chech 002 meteorite, the oldest volcanic rock yet discovered.
  • Chondrites are rocks formed from melted planetesimals, which are solid lumps that formed the Solar System from a cloud of gas and debris. Erg Chech 002, Angrites.
  • Chondrites are the most common meteorite class, accounting for more than 85% of all meteorite falls.


  • This study contributes to a better understanding of the Solar System's early stages of evolution and the geological history of newly formed planets.


Q) Erg Chech 002, which is often discussed in the news, is related to?

A) It is the oldest volcanic rock ever discovered.

B) It is a Russian satellite entrusted with investigating the Sun.

C) It is a comet that appears twice in a century.

D) It is the largest amount of energy released during electron collision.

Answer: A