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Editorial Analysis 10 July

10th July, 2024 Editorial Analysis


A new trend

Source: The Hindu


  • The latest attack on an Indian Army convoy in Jammu and Kashmir that claimed the lives of five soldiers an elaboration of the geographic spread of terrorists towards the Rajouri-Poonch sector.


  • Recent increase in the number of terror related events, especially in the Jammu region. Kathua incident of attack on Indian Army convoy reveals changing nature of terrorists. Aggressive confrontation with terrorism sponsored by Pakistan even after the peace processes and the security enhancement endeavours.



  • Terrorist Trends:
    • New cases in Jammu more particularly in Rajouri-Poonch
    • From foreign terrorists to home-grown militants to give insurgency a local look.
    • New technologies by the terrorist groups in search of new avenues for their activities.
    • Appearance of new terror organizations.
  • Operational Difficulties:
    • Pull back of forces to the Line of Actual Control after the face off with China in 2020, leading to security vacuums.
    • Inadequate security operations which have been conducted hitherto are proving costly to the state, as they erode the relations between the population and the state.
    • The need to enhance the level of compliance to standard operating procedures.
  • Political Context:
    • Supreme Court deadline for elections in J&K getting closer.
    • Terrorism intending to destabilise political stability.
    • Large crowds turning out to vote as a sign that the people want democracy.
  • Diplomatic and Strategic Complacency:
    • Underestimation of the Pakistan’s self-restraint and overestimation of the Indian actions.
    • Recurrent theme of Pakistan’s support to terrorism in its dealings with the international community and internal problems.
    • Terror and talks cannot go together”, restricts diplomatic manoeuvring.

Measures Taken

  • Security Operations:
    • Operation Sarp Vinash in 2003 to tackle insurgency with the help of local people.
    • Emergency response in the areas involved in counter-terrorism activities.
    • Increased monitoring and spying activities.
  • Political and Administrative Actions:
    • Scrapping of the article of 370 to make J&K more and more a part of India.
    • Measures to resume the political process and conduct the elections.
    • The attempts to overcome the problem of alienation in Jammu and Kashmir via the mechanism of representation and accountability.
  • Diplomatic Efforts:
    • Some of the random bilateral communication and cease fire agreements include the LoC cease fire agreement of 2021.
    • In this regard, this research paper addresses various questions such as international condemnation of Pakistan’s support for terrorism.
    • Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s concern on issues such as the opposition to cross-border terrorism by External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar.


  • There is no doubt that a layered approach can be required in order to deal with terrorism in J&K. More action needed on counter-terrorism machinery and a measured response needed. Diplomatic efforts must continue to reduce tensions and foster peace. Government's responsibility to uphold promises, restore political processes, and address alienation in J&K.


The Hindu