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‘Abelmoschus Odishae’

5th December, 2023 Environment

‘Abelmoschus Odishae’

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  • Odia scientist discovered a disease-resistant wild okra.
  • The new species has been named ‘Abelmoschus Odishae’

Location of Discovery

  • The scientist has discovered a new plant species of the wild okra from a moist deciduous forest of Bansapal block in Keonjhar district.


  • The new species is the 14th variety of the plant species.
  • The plant species is a perennial shrub up to 5 meters high with large deep yellow flowers.
  • The species also has a seed viability of 95 percent.


  • It can be used for hybridization to create a better variety having high disease resistance.
  • It can also play a vital role in widening the genetic base of okra.


Q. Recently, ‘Abelmoschus Odishae’ was in the news. What is it?

1.    Wild Okra

2.    Pink river Dolphin

3.    Lightbulb Anemone

4.    New species of scops owl

Choose the correct code.

1.    A

2.    B

3.    C

4.    D

Answer: 1. A